Countless Minnesota charities rely on critical financial support provided by electronic pull-tab gaming.

“All electronic pull-tabs and electronic linked bingo games currently in play will be prohibited under the proposed language” of a bill introduced at the legislature.

In opposing the bill, the Star Tribune noted that “American Indian tribes, given exclusivity over casino gambling decades ago, have decided that e-pulltabs are too popular, a little too fun and a little too much like slot machines. Having failed to persuade an administrative law judge on that point, they now want the state to ban e-pulltabs in their current form. If e-pull tabs are eliminated, our local charities will lose hundreds of millions of dollars in essential funding.”

Some politicians continue to falsely claim that electronic games played on iPads in veterans’ clubs and small businesses too closely resemble slot machines in casinos.

The truth is a Minnesota judge ruled that e-pull tabs played in bars and restaurants don’t infringe on the rights of the state’s Indian tribes to operate slot machines.

Annual Economic Impact

of Electronic Pull-Tab Gaming in Minnesota (FY2022)

$1.9 billion

per year in revenues from electronic pull-tab gaming statewide

$73 million

local wages statewide annually

$86 million

total taxes generated by electronic pull-tab gaming

$70 million

statewide in revenue for local bars, restaurants and other gaming sites annually

$43 million

continued funding for U.S. Bank Stadium, the home of the Minnesota Vikings. The stadium reserve fund will reach $368 million by June 2023, meaning the state can pay off its share of the stadium 20 years ahead of schedule.

Strong Support

from Minnesotans for Electronic Pull-Tab Gaming


support continuing to allow e-pull tabs in
their existing form when told that e-pull tabs’ revenue has been used to finance US Bank stadium and provide funding for numerous local Minnesota charities


support maintaining e-pull tabs in their current form when told that Minnesota bars and restaurants, which already struggled due to COVID, count on e-pull tab gaming for over $29 million (FY2020) in revenue annually

PLEASE contact your legislators TODAY to voice your support for electronic pull tabs.

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